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Hunter v Canary Wharf Notes [DOCX Document]. Hunter v Canary Wharf Ltd [1997] UKHL 14 LawLims.


10 Hunter v Canary Wharf (n 7 above) at 718. 11 Ibid, at 722. 12 In one of the most serious public nuisances in modern times, a sentence of 17 years' imprisonment was upheld by the. This was discussed in Hunter v Canary Wharf 1998, where it was argued that a TV signal being blocked by the construction of a skyscraper was a nuisance. Nuisance must also be unreasonable, but this varies case by case..


Hunter v Canary Wharf Ltd (1997): damages were claimed in nuisance for interference with television signals caused by the building of the Canary Wharf Tower and in negligence for dust created by construction. Some of the claimants were homeowners whilst others were family members without a proprietary interest in the property affected.. Hunter v Canary Wharf [1997] Facts. The Canary Wharf tower interfered with the TV reception of surrounding residents, courtesy if its steel cladding..
“Title to sue Oldham v Lawson 1976 VR 654 Hunter v Canary”.
Hunter v Canary Wharf Ltd [1997] is an English tort law case on the subject of private nuisance. Several hundred claimants alleged that Canary Wharf Ltd, in constructing One Canada Square , had caused nuisance to them by impairing their television signal..

The Case Of Hunter V Canary Wharf 2574 Words May 5th, 2016 11 Pages In order to determine if the Plaintiffs, Sally, Benson, and Sue will be able to claim for the nuisance and trespass indirectly caused by the Golf Club, we will have to look into whether they have the grounds to sue for the torts committed by the defendant, the Golf Club.. Image: ‘Canary Wharf’ by Unknown Artist. To read about this case in greater depth, and with the benefit of full OSCOLA referencing, simply purchase a copy of ‘The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law’ from leading booksellers around the world.. Hunter v Canary Wharf - only person with a right to exclusive possession of land can sue - may be landlord- if permanent damage to property - person without documentary title but with exclusive possession - squatter.



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