Water alternating gas injection pdf
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water alternating gas Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary. Application of Low Concentration Surfactant Enhanced Water.

water alternating gas injection pdf

Water alternating gas (WAG) injection is one of the many improved oil recovery methods that involve three-phase fluid flow. It was originally proposed as a method to improve the sweep. 8/05/2013В В· Recovered oil in the case of alternating injection of surfactant and nitrogen is more in comparison to water flooding, gas injection and water alternating gas. Recovery factors of SAG, WAG, water flooding and gas flooding are about 87%, 70%, 66% and 59%, respectively..
3 Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) Injection a Novel EOR Technique for Mature Light Oil Fields - A Laboratory Investigation for GS-5C sand of Gandhar Field. injection or gas-water combination floods, known as water alternating gas injection (WAG), In reservoirs having sharp structural features, the water injection wells can be located at the crest of the structure to efficiently displace oil located at the top of the reservoir; this is known as crestal injection. In any case, injection well configuration and well spacing depend on several

water alternating gas injection pdf

Thismode of injection, called water-alternating-gas (WAG), is being widely practiced in the oil fields.This experimental study is aimed at evaluating the performance of the WAG process as a function of gasoil miscibility andbrine composition. This performance evaluation has been carried out by comparing oil recoveries from WAG injection withthose from continuous gas injection …. ORIGINAL PAPER - PRODUCTION ENGINEERING Wellbore stability model based on iterative coupling method in water alternating gas injection Mahmood Bataee1 • Sonny Irawan1 • ….
“Pressure transient behavior of immiscible water”.
ORIGINAL PAPER An experimental and numerical study of chemically enhanced water alternating gas injection Saeed Majidaie1 • Mustafa Onur2 • Isa M. Tan3.
water alternating gas injection pdf

This paper was prepared for presentation at the 1999 SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference held in Caracas, Venezuela, 21-23 April 1999.. Water alternating gas (WAG) injection are improved oil recovery methods that involve three-phase fluid flow. It was originally proposed as a method to improve the sweep efficiency of gas by using water to control the mobility ratio and to stabilize the front (Caudle and Dyes, 1958; Christensen et al., 1998). WAG injection can lead to improved oil recovery by combining better mobility control. For a water-wet system with capillary pressure during gas injection following water injection, the water saturation profile is smeared out, and oil is displaced more slowly as compared to the case where capillary pressure is neglected (Skauge and Dale, 2007)..

water alternating gas injection pdf

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