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Opportunities for big data applications in agriculture include benchmarking, sensor deployment and analytics, and using better models to manage crop failure risk. Key challenges for companies entering the market include proving the effectiveness of data centric technologies to improve yield as well as building trust with farmers.. data technology in agriculture in India, (ii) identification of present status of application of data warehouse /big data technology and harvesting the benefits of the technology in India, (iii) identification and quantification of the benefits of the data warehouse/ big data.


Majumdar et al. J Big Data Analysis of agriculture data using data mining techniques: application of big data Jharna Majumdar Sneha Naraseeyappa Shilpa Ankalaki In agriculture sector where farmers and agribusinesses have to make innumerable decisions every day and intricate complexities involves the various factors influencing them.. These applications of big data can be tested, polished and enhanced rapidly and economically and will entirely change delivery and research in the agricultural sector. Though, the big data analytics in agriculture plays a crucial role to provide better agricultural services, it provide analysis on the historical data to uncover hidden information. The big data analytics has many challenges.
“Big data and farming Business Insider”.
China and India holds the major share in the big data in agriculture market in APAC region due to rapid growth in the big data sector and its application on various parameters of the farming industry..

Agricultural “big data” creates the necessity for large investments in infrastructures for data storage and processing (Nandyala & Kim, 2016), (Hashem, et al., 2015), which need to operate almost in real-time for some applications (e.g. weather forecasting, monitoring for. Agriculture has been an obvious target for big data. Environmental conditions, variability in soil, input levels, combinations and commodity prices have made it all the more relevant for farmers to use information and get help to make critical farming decisions. This paper focuses on the analysis of the agriculture data and finding optimal parameters to maximize the crop production using data. big data in agriculture suggests that Congress too is interested in potential opportunities and challenges big data may hold. While there appears to be great interest, the subject of big data is.



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