Disadvantages of using l1 in l2 classroom pdf
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THE ATTITUDES OF TEACHERS AND STUDENTS TOWARDS USING. The Use of Students' First Language (L1) PDF documents.

disadvantages of using l1 in l2 classroom pdf

Using the first language in the ESP classroom at university level Use of the first language (L1) in the English classroom has been the subject of much debate in the past few decades.. In classes where teachers use L1 are referred to as using the traditional method or the grammar translation method, whereas classes where teachers do not use L1 are referred to those that use the direct method as a teaching methodology. There has been very little research on what extend to use L1 in practice in the ESP classroom. In the other hand, finding out the perceptions of students.
Using the L1 in the L2 classroom: The students speak Cargado por Eleanor Carson Japanese students learning English benefit from using their native tongue to assist learning the L2. use of learners' L1 in learning a second language (L2) is a controversial issue in language learning pedagogy as there are advantages and disadvantages in its use.
They also believed that L1 should be used in L2 classrooms and that its use facilitates L2 learning. Findings provide evidence that despite disagreement on the use of L1 among L2 researchers, these instructors of German as a foreign language used L1 in their classrooms for … The role of the students’ mother tongue (L1) in the ESL/EFL classroom has been an on-going debate recently. A monolingual approach suggests that the use of the target language solely in L2 classroom increases the learning of the target language.
disadvantages of using l1 in l2 classroom pdf

This paper considers the attitudes and behaviours of university language lecturers and their students regarding the use of the L1 in the higher education L2 classroom.. Using L1 in the L2 Classroom I like 8 ways to increase L2. Confidence is an important factor and making the students feel relaxed..
“Encouraging Second Language Use in Cooperative Learning Groups”.
in their classroom practices. An interest in exploring this range of positions on the use of the L1 in teaching English motivated me to conduct this study. 2 L1 USE IN L2 LEARNING 2.1 Reasons for Using the L1 A number of reasons for using the L1 have been suggested in the literature (Cameron, 2001; Prodromou, 2000; Tang, 2002) . For example: • explaining aspects of foreign language ….
disadvantages of using l1 in l2 classroom pdf

positive aspects of using the L1 in the foreign language classroom, in the context of the sociocultural framework. Finally, I will synthesize all of the above in a discussion section, and. toward using L1 in the L2 classroom. His results indicate that the majority of students and teachers agreed that Spanish should be used in the EFL classroom (Schweers 1999). Inspired by his research and driven by my own interest, I decided to carry out a similar study on the use of the native language in the Chinese context. However, differences exist between Schweer’s study and mine. Disadvantages of using L1 in the classroom L2 (English), use of L1. A. INTRODUCTION . Nowadays, there are many issues . one . the use of L1 in EFL classroom. English is believed as the key to survive and succeed in the coming era. However, most people have realized that learning English is not an easy matter. English is an important tool for communication which is used to interact with.
Let’s Humanize Language Teaching by Using L1 223 As most teachers of English follow the ‘monolingual approach’ using only L2 in the framework of their classrooms, the major problem is the idea that exposure to disadvantages of using it. Qualitative method has been used for data collection. I hope, the result of this study will help the language teachers to know about the reasons of their conscious or unconscious use of L1 use. By knowing the reasons of using first language in Foreign Language classes’ teachers may modify their classroom management to reduce the frequency for first language use and

disadvantages of using l1 in l2 classroom pdf

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