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(1993) administered the Response Styles Questionnaire (RSQ; Nolen-Hoeksema & Morrow, 1991) and a depression measure at Time 1, after which participants began a 30-day period of. 87 years were asked about their ruminative styles using the Response Styles Questionnaire (RSQ), depression and satisfaction with life. A Mokken Scale analysis confirmed the two-.
To assess the factor structure of the Nolen-Hoeksema (1991) Response Styles Questionnaire (RSQ), and to investigate the relationship between coping with depression and other measures of affective symptomatology in a student sample. (1993) administered the Response Styles Questionnaire (RSQ; Nolen-Hoeksema & Morrow, 1991) and a depression measure at Time 1, after which participants began a 30-day period of
Response styles. The Japanese version27 of the Response Styles Questionnaire8 contains two subscales, the Ruminative Response Scale and the Distractive Response Scale. Response Styles Questionnaire (RSQ; Nolen-Hoeksema, 1991, revised by Thomas & Bentall, 2002) and the Responses to Positive Affect questionnaire (RPA; Feldman, Joormann, & Johnson, 2008). Hypotheses 1-3 outline expected findings. To further test the convergent validity of the BC, this study also assessed whether ascent and descent behaviours had theory-driven associations with extreme

Response styles are measured by the Response Style Questionnaire (RSQ; Nolen- Hoeksema & Morrow, 1991). The reliability and predictive validity of the scale was reported by Nolen-Hoeksema et al. ( Nolen-Hoeksema and Morrow, 1991 , Nolen-Hoeksema et al., 1994 ).. a modified version of the Response Styles Questionnaire [1], with wording of a small number of items slightly altered to make it more appropriate and simpler to.
Adolescent RSQ Think about all of the people in your life. Now read each of the following statements and rate how much it describes your feelings using the 7-point.

Questionnaire (RSQ: Nolen-Hoeksema & Morrow, 1991) has been developed to measure ruminative response style. When the scale was first developed, the ruminative component. Questionnaire asks participants to respond to hypothetical situations with (a) the degree of anxiety and concern they would have about the outcome, and (b) expectations of acceptance or rejection.. Rethinking Rumination Susan Nolen-Hoeksema,1 Blair E. Wisco,1 and Sonja Lyubomirsky2 1Yale University and 2University of California, Riverside ABSTRACT—The response styles ….



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